Water heater


Based in New York Bergen Plumbing and Heating leading providers of a wide range of quality hot water systems.

We provide servicing, maintenance, repairs, supply and installation of all makes and models of hot water systems to all suburbs in the Perth metropolitan area, including gas, electric and solar.

All work done is of the highest quality and is done only by fully qualified and certified trade’s professionals, employed directly by Bergen Plumbing and Heating – we do not outsource to sub contractors.

Bergen Plumbing and Heating has a global reputation for responsive customer service. Supply professional technical service according to the customer’s actual requirement resulting from the completely studying of the customer. Do our best to promote the customer satisfaction. Ensure the customer obtain the best benefit from their investment. To be upfront about it, we want Bergen Plumbing and Heating to be your brand of choice. So you can depend on us to provide more than just a hot water system. 

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